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Expressions Memory Care

Turning daily activities into memorable events

At Prestige, we understand the emotional and physical toll of caring for someone with dementia, and we are here to help. We know it's important to find a community that can truly help your loved one, while always treating them with dignity and respect.

Expressions is designed to keep memory care residents active and engaged. Our compassionate caregivers take the time to understand elements of a person’s life story so that we can personalize and tailor each service we provide. We build relationships with our residents based on trust, empathy, support and humor, always focusing on them and not their disease.

Our Expressions Memory Care program uses innovative care techniques and life enrichment programming to provide people with dementia and their families an environment in which the individual can live a productive and active life and be treated with dignity and respect.

Our program incorporates the latest research and information on dementia care, and we align ourselves with Alzheimer’s disease experts to continually provide ongoing training and education for our caregivers and families. Additionally, click here for some helpful articles related to memory disorders and cognitive function.

The Expressions Memory Care Program

We believe a resident’s well-being is directly related to how they feel and interact with the world around them. Expressions is designed to make our residents feel accepted, important, and comfortable… at home. Our goal is to become an extended family; creating a buffer against fear and the stress of the illness.

The concept of friendship

We believe in applying the lessons of friendship when providing care. Friendships often form based on mutual activities and doing things together. As we continue to do activities with our residents, relationships built on trust and respect will naturally develop.

The philosophy that “Life is an Activity”

All of us engage in activities every day; sometimes planned and spontaneous, sometimes simple and elaborate. Activities in memory care should have the same flavor. Based on that philosophy, we have developed “Expressions of My Life,” a program that nurtures body, heart, soul, and mind.

The importance of Self-Expression

All of our Expressions communities use the following “Expressions of My Life” areas of programming to keep our residents engaged and fulfilled, ultimately improving their quality of life.

  • Our Healthy Expressions activities focus on regular physical exercise, which has been shown to help slow the onset of Alzheimer’s and related dementias.
  • Tasty Expressions activities celebrate the joy and pleasure that can come from cooking and eating food.
  • Artistic Expressions celebrate and encourage imagination involving the arts, poetry and music.
  • Educational Expressions activities emphasize the value and benefit that comes from lifelong learning. 
  • Spiritual Expressions activities enable each person to develop inner peace through their own spiritual journey.

The Character that Sets Our Team Apart

Our Expressions staff is carefully selected and trained in caring for those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. We train all employees in the latest and most advanced forms of memory care. We take great pride in knowing that our employees help create a warm and caring culture for our residents.


For individuals who may not require the level of care offered in our Expressions Memory Care program, we proudly offer Celebrations, our wellness-focused lifestyle program that embraces a philosophy of healthy, fulfilled living. By focusing on six wellness categories that are designed to nurture body, mind and spirit, we help foster happiness, longevity, and independence among our residents. 

Visit our Celebrations page to learn more!

"After visiting several facilities with Memory Care, I selected Arbor Place as our care facility. I was impressed with the friendly and upbeat employees... After 6 months of care I couldn't be happier with the service"

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