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From the moment someone first tours a senior living community until the day they move in, there are several steps along the way in the process, with many new faces and names that become integral in making a smooth transition. In this resource guide we’ll examine a few of the ways we can help prepare you for the process.

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What should we expect on a tour of a community?

A tour is the first step in the process of moving into senior living. You and your loved ones will meet our dedicated staff, visit potential apartments, tour the common areas and community grounds, learn about all the amenities and be able to ask as many questions as you like.

You might also be able to join in a fitness class or activity to get a feel for what day-to-day life is like. Best of all, you’ll have the chance to meet other residents and learn first-hand what life is like at the community.

Who are the people that work at a senior living community?

A tour will help you understand the wide variety of staff members at a community who help our residents live active and fulfilling lives.

Each community has a large staff in different areas to tend to their well-being. From our management teams who oversee the staff, to health and wellness coaches, health services and medical technicians, dining services, personal care attendants, housekeeping and maintenance, it takes a village to provide industry-leading care at Prestige.

It can be overwhelming at first to consider how many people take part in the care of our residents, but over time they become like a second family to our residents.

If I, or my loved one, does move in, what can we bring?

When you make the decision to move into a senior living community, the fact is, you’ll more than likely be downsizing. While you will want to bring a bed, dresser and some pieces of furniture, there will be items that just won’t fit. Our team is experienced at helping new residents plan what can come with them, and what may not be make it.

We do encourage all residents to decorate their apartments with photos, collectibles, knick knacks, anything of sentimental value to help make it feel like home.

Our team is experienced in helping seniors make the transition and will be a valuable resource on what to bring and may need to be left behind.

(Download a checklist of what to bring when moving into assisted living; for a checklist on what to bring to memory care, click here.)

What about pets, can they come?

We know how important furry friends are for seniors, and many Prestige communities allow small pets to join their owner when they move in. Make sure you talk to the team during your tour about pets, and if there are any limitations. But for the most part, we want them to join you!

What happens in regard to specific dietary or medical needs?

Senior living is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Our goal is for every resident to receive personalized care to help them remain happy, healthy and engaged.

Our Health Services Director and medical technicians work with each resident and their family to ensure a care plan is made and followed. We also work closely with our residents’ physicians and specialists to ensure their medical regiments are up to date and that we’re catering to their needs.

It’s much the same with our dining services teams. Whether it’s a nut allergy or an aversion to certain foods, we ensure that each resident is still provided healthy, well-rounded meals every day.

During your tour and the move-in process, our team works with you to make sure we understand all your health needs and how to meet them.

What happens on move-in day?

After doing your research, taking a tour, discussing with family and making the decision, it’s finally time to move in! [LS5]

We want to make sure that life at your new home starts as smoothly as possible. Our new resident and their family will meet with our team to complete paperwork, move in their furnishings and decorate their apartment. We generally like to see new residents arrive in the morning so they can join an activity and then have lunch with their new neighbors, however, we can certainly accommodate other times of day if needed.

The important thing is making you feel at home!

How do I help my loved one with the emotions of move-in day?

Moving can be a whirlwind. Packing, sorting, keeping track of everything, going back and forth between the new home and old, it can be stressful. However, make sure you’re checking in with your loved one throughout the day and getting a sense of how they’re feeling. Stop if needed to help them through any challenges or struggles as they process this change. If it slows down the process a bit, then so be it.

Also, take time in their old home to say goodbye. Many people grieve when they leave a home they’ve made memories in for years. It’s part of the process, and there’s no need to rush them.

What if in the first days and weeks they’re struggling with the transition?

Change can be difficult, particularly if your loved one had spent a long time in their previous home. As much as we try to make the transition as seamless as possible, there are always a swirl of emotions whenever someone embarks on a significant life change, and second thought can be common.

It’s important to listen to your loved one and take stock of their concerns. If it seems like homesickness or nostalgia, listen and be there for them, while reassuring them that what they’re feeling is normal and healthy. Our team also works closely with our residents during their initial days and weeks to help them acclimate to their new home, new routines and new people in their lives. It’s a team effort as we help our seniors with this new milestone.

However, if they have concerns about the move that seem more serious, our team can work with you and your loved one to come up with solutions to make them more comfortable.


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