Celebrations Lifestyle Program

Explore exhilarating new activities to live a healthy and fulfilled life

Celebrations is a wellness-focused lifestyle program that embraces a philosophy of healthy, fulfilled living to foster happiness and longevity among our residents.

At Prestige Senior Living we embrace the concept of wellness, which we believe is about quality of life. As your partner in active aging, it is our goal to help you achieve an optimum level of health and wellness throughout all aspects of your life.

Celebrations is focused on six wellness categories that are designed to nurture body, mind, and spirit; giving you the choices and freedom to celebrate life. This innovative program provides opportunities to strengthen bonds with people, the community and the things that matter most. With Celebrations, you have the tools to explore a host of exhilarating new activities to achieve a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle.

Make New Friends

Now, more than ever, you have the opportunity to make meaningful connections with those around you. Imagine socializing with a whole new group of people who each bring their own unique and fascinating experiences into a community where sharing is prized and encouraged. As you build new relationships and solidify old ones, the strong relationships you create and valuable time you share with one another will become one of the highlights of your Prestige Senior Living experience.

Live Better

Staying active on a daily basis keeps the mind sharp and the body healthy for people of all ages, especially for older adults who are at risk of accidental falls. As part of our wellness-focused activity regimen, you will find new ways to stay energized and invigorated. Join us for strength and balance class, learn to tap dance or come up with your own ideal activity; the possibilities are endless.

Express Yourself

Tapping into your inner creativity is an important way to express your passions, try new experiences and improve your overall wellbeing. Whether it’s through art, culinary exploration or developing new skills, we offer activities that allow you to stretch your imagination. No matter what appeals to you, we make a point to find interesting ways to challenge and entertain your youthful spirit.

Expand Your Mind

The key to keeping your mind in shape is exploring new interests. Studies show that continually exercising your brain and pushing yourself to try new experiences can lead to a higher quality of life. We’ll help you get there by giving you everything you need to rejuvenate your brain: comfortably paced classes, access to various gadgets and technology, and an ever-changing curriculum. At Prestige Senior Living, we make learning new skills easy and entertaining.

Make a Difference

Spending time reflecting on our own values and perspectives helps us understand, appreciate and celebrate the wisdom that often comes with life experience. Whether it’s through sharing life lessons, a funny story or a skill, we all have something to offer those around us. Want to make a difference? We’ll give you the tools to share your time and talents with your neighbors here at Prestige Senior Living and throughout the local community.

Enjoy Life

Now is the time for you to relax and enjoy life, free from the stresses of household chores and tasks. We incorporate some of life’s luxuries into each Prestige Senior Living community and take care of many of your everyday chores and tasks. We invite you to relax as we take care of the details so you can focus on doing the things you love.


For individuals who may require an additional level of care, we offer our award-winning Expressions Memory Care program. Expressions is designed to keep memory care residents active and engaged while helping them feel accepted, supported and at home. 

Learn more about our Expressions Memory Care program today! 

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