The Benefits of Respite Stays

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Before buying a car, you can take it for a test drive. Before ordering a bottle of wine at a restaurant, they pour a mouthful to sample. Before settling in for a movie, you can watch the trailer.

There are many purchases big and small you get to test out before making the decision. What many people may not realize is that that can apply to senior living as well.

Many senior living communities, including a large number of Prestige Senior Living communities, offer respite stays – where older adults can live in the community short-term to gauge whether it’s the right fit. Sometimes a respite stay is a necessity if a caregiver needs time to tend to their own health or responsibilities. Other times, it may just be to see if the senior is ready for a possible move.

But regardless of the reason, respite stays can be tremendously beneficial for both older adults and their loved ones. If you’re considering senior living, or you’re a caregiver who needs a safe place for a loved one while you tend to your own health, there are many reasons to consider a respite stay:

Advantages For Older Adults 

The decision to move to assisted living can be difficult and emotional. Many older adults equate assisted living to a loss of independence. But a respite stay offers the opportunity to see first-hand what life is like in a community and get used to the routines and rhythms that might come with a lifestyle change.

At Prestige, those taking part in a respite stay enjoy all the amenities, events and support that residents receive on a daily basis.

Among the benefits to older adults are:

  • Help With Daily Activities

Whether it’s assistance with dressing and bathing, medication management, or any other daily needs, a respite stay allows you to experience the level of care residents are provided in a safe, comforting environment.

  • A Team Taking Care of the Details

Cooking and cleaning are not your responsibility anymore! At Prestige, that means enjoying restaurant-quality dining for all meals without having to wash a single dish or pan, and housekeepers who keep apartments clean.

  • Activities and Events

A respite stay can open you up to the wide variety of events that take place in a community. From trivia, to card games, to outings to everything else, it’s a chance to engage in different activities than might normally take place at home. You can also take part in fitness and exercise classes that keep you strong and help reduce the chance of falling.

  • Brand New Social Life

All you have to do is walk out your front door and there’s a community full of people you can meet and spend time with. The social aspect of senior living is one of the biggest benefits of making the move. You don’t need to drive anywhere to meet up with a friend – they’re all right there!

Advantages For Caregivers 

At Prestige, we know the challenges that can come from caregiving, particularly if you’re also balancing the needs of your own family and career. There may be times where you need a break from caregiving to tend to your own health, go out of town for more than a few days, or simply need a break to refresh and reset.

But in those situations, many people don’t know where to turn when it comes to finding care for their parent or aging loved one. That’s why respite stays are the perfect option, and what follows are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Peace of Mind

Before a respite stay, our team will meet with you and your loved one to get to know them, go over their needs, medications and other elements that can make finding care stressful. Prestige communities have full teams dedicated to the care and comfort of residents.

  • A Reset For You

Even without caregiving, life is busy. You have a family of your own, a career, and it might be nice to get to the gym more often or just have some alone time once in a while. A respite stay for a loved one can be a chance to hit the reset button and re-center yourself.

  • Seeing Your Loved One in a New Environment

When a senior joins a community for a respite stay, there’s an adjustment period. But many older adults soon find themselves meeting new people and joining in all the activities. After a couple of weeks, they can feel like part of the community.

That change of pace can be a huge benefit and it can give caregivers a sense of comfort knowing that a potential move to senior living can have positive effects.

Respite Stays at Prestige 

At Prestige, we often find that a respite stay that’s borne out of necessity leads to that resident moving in permanently. Being part of the community short-term can help dispel a lot of the myths people have about senior living and open them up to a new social life and a host of experiences they might not otherwise get to enjoy.

And for you as a caregiver, the peace of mind of a respite stay, and the chance to take a break and care for yourself, is a breather that so many people need.

Respite services are available at many of our assisted living and skilled nursing locations. Contact the community nearest you to learn more.