Since the onset of COVID-19, the health and safety of our residents, patients and team members has been our priority. Across all of our senior living communities and skilled nursing centers, our primary focus has been on preventing and limiting the spread of this illness by taking all preventive measures needed to keep those entrusted in our care safe. 

A Letter from Prestige Care’s Leadership


Over the past several years of responding to COVID-19 together, we’ve witnessed the incredible contributions, sacrifices and resiliency of every member of our Prestige community. On behalf of all of us at Prestige, I share our profound gratitude for the dedication of our residents, patients, families and staff to keeping each other safe, despite the challenges we all faced navigating a global pandemic.

Now, as COVID-related state and federal emergency orders come to an end, we’re starting a new chapter in our journey together as we shift from an emergency response to more routine management of the virus. In many ways, our collective efforts have helped us return to some ways of life that we enjoyed before the pandemic. At the same time, we’re also embracing some practices that we’ve adopted over the last three years to keep each other safe.

As we’ve always done, we continue to follow the guidance of federal, state and local health officials. Moving forward, our centers and communities will continue to test patients and residents for COVID-19, and we’ll share those results with our public health authorities to help track the virus in local communities. We will respond to any positive cases with urgency, following our standard infection-control practices that help treat the illness and prevent it from spreading.

In the meantime, we’re updating how we communicate about COVID-19 with our patients, residents, and family members. Over the past 3 years, we’ve shared email updates about new positive cases among our residents, patients, and staff. Because the impact and severity of COVID-19 has diminished, health officials agree it’s no longer necessary to communicate with such frequency. As such, we will no longer be sending out COVID-19 communications pertaining to current positive or active case counts in our centers and communities. For those residents or family members interested in tracking the illness in their local community, or at their Prestige location, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides many interactive tools for gaining real-time insights.

We’re also thankful to share that all resident activities, dining, visitations, and other programs that were affected by COVID-19 are back in full swing, and we continue to partner with our local health officials and health departments for any restrictions related to COVID-19 cases.

Above all, I want to thank every member of our community for your trust and support as we’ve responded to COVID-19 together. We deeply appreciate your partnership in adapting to changing protocols and navigating throughout these tough times for everyone.

We’re looking forward to joining you in this next phase as we continue to prioritize health and safety for all those we serve.

Jason Delamarter
Chief Operating Officer, Prestige Care, Inc.

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