Three Ways To Make New Friends & Grow Your Social Circle


Regardless of what stage of life you’re in you may be looking for creative ways to meet new people, grow your social circle and increase companionship. In this week’s blog we’re going to be sharing some of the easiest ways to build companionship, strengthen current friendships and meet new people with similar interests. Whether you or a loved one is curious about ways to meet new people, this blog has got you covered. It’s important to remember that staying social helps to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Volunteer in Your Community

Whether you’ve spent your life finding ways to stay involved in your community or this is your first attempt, volunteering is a great avenue for meeting new friends and concretizing friendships that you already have.

Whether you only have an hour each week to volunteer or are looking to set aside more of your time to give back to your community there is something for everyone. Some of the opportunities at local senior centers include putting together lunches for those in need, technical assistance and extra sets of hands to help at local food banks. With a lifetime of experience there are lots of organizations that could use your expertsie – we recommend researching opportunities to volunteer in your community!

Visit Your Local Recreation Center or Library

Libraries and rec centers are great places to meet new people and discover new hobbies and interests. These are also great places to take a free or inexpensive class. Rec centers and libraries are also great spaces to casually socialize, join in on an activity or read a book. If you make a regular habit of visiting your local rec center or library you’ll be sure to run into familiar faces. You never know when a casual acquaintance might turn into a new friendship.

A quick search of your local recreation centers and libraries may unearth some fun and unexpected activities. No matter which activity you choose to participate in you’ll be sure to find some new people to converse with. The best part is that you can always invite a friend along and make a date of it. Here are a list of some of the types of events and activities you may stumble upon when researching things to do for you or a loved one:

  • Soap Making Class
  • Zoom Tutorials
  • Dance Classes (hula, tango and swing)
  • In-Person Dining
  • Raffles
  • Summer Walking Tours
  • Movie & Bingo Night
  • Meditation in the Park

Take a Class

From auditing a course at your local community college to taking a short one-day course in making lavender soap there are plenty of options for finding a new active adult companion. While you can always opt to take these classes in person there are also virtual opportunities as well. Virtual courses are still an amazing way to engage with new, like-minded students of all ages. AARP hosts a platform called Senior Planet that offers a tremendous number of diverse and interesting classes. You can join in on these either online or by phone if that’s your preference.

From classes on navigating social media and spotting fake news to wellness discussions and art classes there is something for you or a loved one.

Sometimes the hardest part of meeting new friends or growing our social circles is taking that first step. Once you’ve taken the first step in signing up for a class, volunteering or simply showing up to the library we think you’ll find it all gets easier from there. Building social networks and having friends to talk to during the good and bad times is extremely important for our mental health and well-being. We encourage you to take the plunge and see what you might find once you’re in the pool.

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