Take a Step Towards Safety With A Free Fall Risk Assessment


If you or a loved one is at an age where falling becomes a risk, you might be looking around the living space and scanning the area for danger spots.

You take note of the cords running along the floor and secure them properly. You move small furniture items out of the way and remove clutter. The walkways around the home are clear.

It’s a great start, but there are other factors that come into play as well. For instance, that knee surgery you or your loved one had a few years ago – that could become a fall risk. If you or your loved one requires oxygen, that’s another one. Daily medications could be another factor that comes into play.

The point isn’t to scare you, but to illustrate that there are plenty of fall risks that may not be obvious at first glance. Even if you take precautions around the home, there are inherent risks within each person that could increase the chances of a fall.

At Prestige, we have a free online Fall Risk Assessment that can help you discover those risks you may not even be aware of.

Upon the conclusion of the assessment you will be provided with valuable information and resources to help you learn more about fall reduction.

By taking just a few minutes to complete the assessment, you can take an important step towards safety.

The Importance of Fall Safety

The statistics around falls in older adults are stark (all stats courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention):

  • 36 million falls each year among older adults
  • 3 million trips to emergency rooms as a result of falls
  • 800,000 hospitalizations resulting from falls

Falls cause 95% of all hip fractures in older adults and are the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries.

Falls can also have significant mental health impacts on older adults – a fall, or the fear of one, can cause people to withdraw from their day-to-day activities, which can lead to loneliness, isolation and depression in a demographic already prone to mental health concerns.

Between the physical and emotional effects falls can have, it illustrates why it’s topic that older adults and their families need to consider, both in the short term of day-to-day safety and activities, as well as long-term living arrangements.

Fall Safety at Prestige

At Prestige Senior Living, fall reduction is at the heart of our programming. Regular exercise can be a significant way to reduce the risk of falls, and our fitness programming is designed to help residents maintain and build strength.

You can learn more in this interview with Prestige Wellness Coach Elicia Stewart, as well as learn more about the fall risks for those living with dementia.

And again, we remind you that our Fall Risk Assessment can be an important first step in identifying safety measures or concerns to keep in mind.

If it’s time to consider senior living for yourself or a loved one, find the community nearest you to set up a tour and discuss the ways our team can help reduce the risk of falling.