Learn More About Ageless Grace® Both Virtually and In-Person


As the calendar turns to February, we’re continuing to highlight Ageless Grace®, a brain-body fitness program residents of Prestige enjoy in our communities.

Ageless Grace® has both physical and cognitive benefits as its 21 fitness tools are designed to challenge and stimulate participants, while also having fun in the process.

All participants perform Ageless Grace® while seated – even if someone is a marathon runner, they do it seated as well. The goal is to get the brain working in different ways, so performing the fitness tools while seated leads you to consider new ways of moving your body. By doing so, it builds neuroplasticity, which is the brain’s ability to change and reorganize itself, and an effective way to maintain or strengthen cognitive health.

There are plenty of opportunities to learn the program from both the comfort of your own home and even in our communities.

Watch the January Ageless Grace® Webinar Series

The creator of Ageless Grace®, Denise Medved, hosted a webinar series where she outlined how her life’s experiences with her parents and her own health led her to create the program, as well as demonstrations of all 21 of the program’s fitness tools.

The sessions were a valuable glimpse into what the program is, and why it’s so beneficial. You can watch the three webinars right here: