Celebrating the Holidays in Assisted Living


Recently, we examined ways to include your older loved one in holiday celebrations. If you have an older parent or family member in assisted living, many of those activities can still take place during a loved one’s visit to your home.

Of course, the spirit of the season should extend to their own home in their assisted living community as well, and if you live in the same city as them, there are a few things you can do to help bring them joy during the holiday season.

Decorate Their Living Space

Find out if the community has any rules regarding decorating a resident’s apartment (especially as it may pertain to safety concerns), and within that, bring the festive season to their living space! Whether it’s a miniature tree that goes in the corner, a poinsettia, or stringing some lights throughout the apartment (not along the floor, where they can be a tripping hazard), help your loved one feel at home during the holidays.

Even just decorating their front door can help set the mood every time they come and go from their living space. Make it fun and festive!

Join Them For Events

Most senior living communities hold a variety of events around the holidays to bring the spirit of the season to their residents, but sometimes a resident may need a nudge to join in.

Contact the community to find out their schedule of events and bring your family to the community for at least one of them. Having you there will help your loved one join in the fun with their neighbors. And if you have kids, all the better – grandkids are always a welcome sight at senior living communities!

Holiday Cards

If your loved one enjoy sending holiday cards to friends and family, join them for an afternoon and help them with that process. Put on some Christmas carols or a classic holiday movie and make it an event!

While your loved one writes their holiday greetings in their cards, maybe you’re in charge of addressing the envelopes. It’s also a great opportunity for your loved one to share with you memories with each person they’re writing to – you might hear a story you’ve never heard before!

Include Other Residents

Odds are there are residents at your loved one’s community without any family in the area. Or, perhaps your parents or family member has made a good friend, or friends, with whom they’d like to celebrate.

Find out if they have someone there at the community who they’d like to celebrate with, and invite them to join you for whatever it is you’re planning. After all, spreading holiday cheer to others is what the season is all about.

However you choose to help your loved one celebrate the season, if you’re in the same city, just being there for them is the most important thing.

If you or a loved one is considering senior living, contact the Prestige community nearest you to book a tour and learn about how we bring joy and togetherness to our communities.