Ageless Grace® Fitness Program & Neuroplasticity

Happy senior couple stretching arms

At Prestige Senior Living, it is our goal to provide quality care with a focus on wellness. We believe that it is not enough to simply care for those we serve, but to also provide residents ways to stay active and engaged by nurturing body, mind and spirit. 

One way we help our residents focus on healthy longevity of the body and mind is through our Ageless Grace® programming, which is a fitness and wellness program consisting of 21 seated exercise tools designed to address all five functions of the brain and improve cognition and neuroplasticity.  

Let’s dive into some common questions about Ageless Grace® and neuroplasticity.  

What is neuroplasticity? 

Neuroplasticity is defined as the ability of the brain to change and reorganize itself, allowing us to adapt to changes and experiences we may encounter throughout our life. Neuroplasticity also helps us learn new things and create connections between the regions of the brain as well as help the brain recover from injury and create more effective learning.   

Does neuroplasticity decrease as we age? 

Neuroscientists used to think that the brain stopped developing at a young age and that any damage caused to the brain, such as a brain injury or damage caused by a stroke, was permanent. However, as research has continued in this area, scientists have uncovered quite the opposite belief; they have uncovered that the brain is an ever-learning, ever-changing, and ever-growing machine that has the ability to heal and re-wire itself.  

The human brain is highly dynamic and while the rate of change in the brain (neuroplasticity) declines as we age, it does not come to a halt; there are still many things you can do to encourage and stimulate neuroplasticity as you age and help improve or slow cognitive decline, such as getting enough quality sleep, staying active, reducing stress and prioritizing learning new things. 

How does Ageless Grace® help increase neuroplasticity?  

Ageless Grace® helps to increase neuroplasticity by addressing all five functions of the brain: strategic planning, memory and recall, analytical thinking, creativity and imagination, and kinesthetic learning. This programming also offers a variety of other anti-aging benefits, such as improving joint mobility, balance, spinal flexibility, confidence and right-left brain coordination.  

Why is Ageless Grace® performed while seated in a chair? 

Ageless Grace® exercises are performed in a chair to help stimulate the brain as it figures out how to do the tools seated rather than standing. Seated exercises also help to engage the core muscles which support the spine and limbs while activating vital organs in the body. Ageless Grace® is also a program designed to appeal to all individuals, regardless of age and mobility; seated exercises help to level the playing field so that everyone can participate.  

We are proud to offer Ageless Grace® in our communities. We encourage you to find a community near you to learn more about this cutting-edge wellness program and to schedule a virtual tour with our team today.