Customer Testimonials

"I am writing this testimonial on behalf of my husband and myself to tell about the change that has happened in our life in the last year.  After 60 years of marriage and living on our farm we moved to Prestige Assisted Living.  One would think that this move would be a very hard adjustment for both of us but that turned out not to be true.

After two weeks, I stopped crying and had no more regrets. Ed adjusted more easily because of the bond he developed with the community dog, Dexter, almost immediately. All on his own, Dexter decided that Ed needed his help through a difficult time in Ed’s life. In deed, Ed did need someone to help him because he was diagnosed with cancer and given weeks to live. Ed calls Dexter his buddy and they have been inseparable for the last year. Dexter knows when Ed comes home from treatments that he just wants to sleep so Dexter lays next to him in his chair and they talk. I hear Ed say, “it’s ok Buddy, I’m alright.”

My family and I are convinced that the reason Ed is alive today is due to Dexter’s constant devotion and the way they care for eachother. The staff here are also very caring people and treat everyone like family.  Ed and I feel safe here, especially when we need extra care and help.  Thank you Prestige for your kind care."

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