Customer Testimonials

"I’ve lived at several other places including an adult day-care. I much prefer Elizabethan Manor. It’s not perfect, but it’s a lot better. The thing that is most consistently better is how nice the staff people are. They knock at your door, even when you requested them to come, and wait until you say “come in”. They take a minute to look at your latest project and say how nice it is. They tell us what happened over the weekend with their baby, whom we all have gotten to know and love. And when you have a problem, they really do usually try to fix it.

Delores works hard at keeping our medicines right and I feel quite comfortable in knowing she really knows her stuff. I also like the other people who live here. We get to know one another and watch out that things are going well with our friends and their needs are being met. Those are some of the reasons I think I’ll stay right here."

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