Customer Testimonials

On September 1, 2015, I had total joint replacement surgery on my right knee and spent three days at Providence Hospital in Centralia, WA. I then went to Prestige on September 4 - 17 for rehabilitation, which was the best choice I ever could have imagined! I cannot say enough good things about this facility because my experience and time spent there was absolutely wonderful! The entire staff was so welcoming, to where I felt like I was home! From the administrative staff to my physical and occupational therapists, along with the entire nursing staff that cared for me, things couldn't have been better. I also had a beautiful private room with a lovely view outside, which was kept spotless daily by the great cleaning staff! Last summer I had this same surgety on my left knee and then went to a different facility, where I stayed for three weeks. There is NO comparison between the two places because Prestige wins hands down! I went and toured Prestige back in August, the day I had my doctor appointment to initially set up my surgery date. I knew the minute I pulled into the parking lot that this would be my choice for rehabilitation following surgery. That was definitely confirmed when I walked through the front door and met with Toni Goins, Admissions and Marketing Director. She made me feel so welcome; along with several staff members she introduced me to that day. I would highly recommend Prestige for anyone who needs rehabilitation, whether that is from surgery or any other type of rehab one might need. No one can believe how well I'm doing since returning home, as I 'm not even using a cane for walking! This really speaks to the great therapy I was blessed to have during my time there. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped with my recovery! May God bless you all!

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