Empower new CNAs while boosting your earnings!

If you are an experienced CNA looking to guide our new Prestige CNAs, we encourage you to apply for our CNA Mentorship Program!

Fill out our quick apply form to express interest in becoming a CNA Mentor at your Prestige location.

As a mentor, you will be paired with a brand-new CNA to help them feel welcomed and integrate them into their new role. While mentoring one-on-one, you will receive an additional $2/hr differential in addition to the following Retention Bonus’ after at least two training shifts with your mentee.

  • $150 bonus for 90-day retention of Mentee
  • $250 bonus for 180-day retention of Mentee
  • $300 bonus for 1-year retention of Mentee

To qualify as a Prestige CNA Mentor, you must:

  • Be an SEIU 503 Bargaining Unit Employee
  • Have successfully completed the probationary period
  • Be in good standing, including stellar attendance and no disciplinary actions on record for the previous 12 months
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