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Take the next adventure in your healthcare career and make a difference in the lives of others when you join our team as a nurse. We have a plethera of nursing roles, but some of the more common jobs we have at our care centers and communities include Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practiceal Nurse (LPN), Health Services Director, Director of Nursing, Resident Care Manager MDS Nurse, Staff Development Coordinator, and more! Whether your nursing adventure is just beginning (we love new grads!), or you want to expand your skills, we offer the resources and support you need to pave your path to higher levels in the nursing profession.

Why join the Prestige Care Family in a nursing role and what can we offer you?

Our nursing roles are truly unique at Prestige Care, and we can give you the experience and skills you may not be able to obtain at other companies. Consider what we can offer you:

  • We are a 35+ year old, family owned and operated organization that has a strong promote from within culture. We have a defined career path for you to take, if you want to move up.
  • Many locations so you can move up sooner, into leadership roles, where you can have greater job titles, make more money, and have a larger impact.
  • Robust and comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, vision, EAP, 401k match, employer paid life and disability insurance, and more.
  • Many opportunities to obtain additional certifications and continuing education through our tuition reimbursement program. Accessible and engaging local and regional nursing support staff to bounce ideas off of, get additional guidance + training, and partnership to allow you to be a high performer.
  • Lots of training and support from the Resident Care Managers, Staff Development Coordinators, Directors of Nursing, and other regional and corporate nursing leaders.
  • We can offer relocation assistance and sign on bonuses for those that want to join the Prestige Care Family. Start your West Coast nursing adventure with Prestige Care. Enjoy everything that the West Coast has to offer. Reach out to for more information.

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What is a traditional “day in the life” of a Staff Nurse (LPN or RN) at a Prestige Care community/care center?

The beauty of being a nurse in the skilled nursing/post-acute/assisted living space is that no one day is the same as the last! If you want to get exposure to many different areas of nursing and gain valuable experience while getting to know those you serve long term, this is the place for you. Most days, regardless of what “level” you  are currently at, you would be collaborating in a team environment with other providers, enjoying ongoing training from highly qualified nursing leaders, training other team members, checking on our residents, documenting change of condition, interacting with our residents’ families, and more!

What makes nursing at Prestige different than other healthcare providers?

A big part of working at Prestige Care as a nurse is the strong partnership you would enjoy not only at your local care center/community but also regional clinical professionals. We take a strong collaborative approach based on trust and accountability, where we support each other. Nurses truly become a family at our care centers and communities not only with our residents, but other healthcare providers and our residents’ families.

What is your nurse to patient (we call them residents!) ratio?

It truly varies care center by care center, but on the skills nursing side of our business, you would encounter a roughly 14:1 resident to nurse ratio. On the assisted living side of our business, we employ one nurse at each assisted living community. 

What are the main benefits of being a nurse at a Prestige Care community/care center?

There are many! Not only are you able to gain valuable skills and exposure, but you would enjoy a strong promote-from-within culture, and truly get to know your patients (we call them residents!) long term. At Prestige you won’t just know your residents for 72 hours, but you will get to know them for months, sometimes years at a time, seeing the fruits of your service and love to them.

What is the “culture” of nursing like at Prestige Care?

If working in a strong team environment and a part of a high-performing culture, Prestige is for you! We collaborate close to offer the best in care of our residents, and our nursing leadership adheres to a strict teaching approach so you know our systems, expectations, and how to be successful. We have a culture of coaching and empowerment so you can gain additional skills and exposure to level up your career as a nurse.

What are some possible nursing jobs I can get promoted into?

We have a variety of nursing roles – the possibilities really are endless! Not only do we have Staff nursing roles, but also middle management nursing roles such as the Resident Care Manager opportunities. Additionally, we have individual nursing roles that have a strong education component to it such as the Utilization Review Coordinator, Charge Nurse, or Staff Development Coordinator roles. Additionally, we have head of nursing roles such as the Director of Nursing (Skilled Nursing) and Health Services Director (Assisted Living) opportunities.

I love working for Prestige Assisted Living because our core values are deeply rooted in every day life at our community. We have the best team and every day we get to leave knowing we have made a difference in someone’s life. It’s the best feeling to kno

Nicole Bueller

Health Services Director

Prestige Assisted Living at Kalispell

Developing relationships with residents is great because you can take care of them in the best way possible.

Kathy Lundh


Hood River Care Center

Being able to find a connection is key to what I do here. That’s not just with residents, but with staff as well.

Millie Peters


Forest Grove Rehabilitation and Care Center

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