Your Healthcare Career at a Skilled Nursing Center


Are you a recent nursing school grad, or curious about entering the healthcare field? Starting your career at a skilled nursing center may not be top of mind, but there are many benefits when you choose to care for post-acute patients in a skilled nursing setting. Whether you are a certified nursing assistant (CNA) with hopes of becoming a registered nurse (RN), or an occupational therapist (OT) looking for a career shift, the opportunities and benefits at a skilled nursing center are endless.

At Prestige Care, we offer a supportive, caring, and well-rounded environment to help you achieve your career goals in the healthcare industry. At our Skilled Nursing and Post-Acute Rehabilitation Centers you are able to collaborate daily with fellow healthcare professionals, enjoy a close-knit family atmosphere, and make a positive impact in the lives of our patients.

If you are interested in starting your career at a skilled nursing center, here’s a summary of what you can expect:

Opportunity to Develop Career

One of the most valuable aspects of working at a skilled nursing center is the opportunity to quickly develop your career and grow your skillset. Patients are often admitted after a hospitalization with a wide range of diagnoses, giving you the chance to learn how to treat a variety of conditions. This can range from helping a patient recover from a fall injury, to treating someone who experienced a stroke, or even a person recovering from a joint replacement.

You also have an opportunity to learn from veteran colleagues who have had experience treating a variety of conditions over the years. In a larger healthcare setting you may be constricted to a narrower scope of responsibilities while at a skilled nursing center you have the ability to treat patients with a wide range of diagnoses daily.

At Prestige Care, we also offer continuing education with in-house training programs to help support our staff develop new skills, build their leadership, and advance their careers. This includes our nursing assistant training program, regional meeting participation, and more.

Our strong “promote from within” culture also gives our team members the opportunity to build their career with us and allows for leadership opportunities you may not receive in a larger healthcare setting.

Each patient admitted to a skilled nursing center has a unique treatment plan that makes it critical for clinical staff to gain expertise in a wide range of medical situations. Developing your skills is an essential yet rewarding aspect of working at a skilled nursing facility.

Teamwork Environment

The skilled nursing setting is highly collaborative and requires staff to have a high level of teamwork to help patients recover as successfully as possible. Every role is a critical part of a patient’s entire interdisciplinary team, so it is important to establish a supportive team environment. Working closely with other colleagues and clinicians allows you to build trust, respect, and expertise within your team which can lead to higher quality of care and an increase in successful discharges. 

Build Close Relationships with Patients

If you seek to make a difference in your community and enjoy getting to know those you serve, you should consider a rewarding career in skilled nursing. In this type of environment, you will often have the same patients for many days, weeks, or even months, giving you the opportunity to build a strong connection with those you care for and make a direct impact in their lives. This may not be possible in a larger healthcare setting such as a hospital since you may only care for patients for a short period of time.

The relationship you form with a patient at a skilled nursing center can make a positive impact on their rehabilitation journey and can significantly improve their quality of life and health. At Prestige Care, we are committed to providing each patient with the care they need to successfully recover and return home as quickly as possible. This begins with the relationships we form with them to ensure they know they are supported and being provided the highest quality of care.

Flexible Hours

Our skilled nursing centers provide 24-hour care for all of our patients which requires clinical staff to be onsite 24/7. This type of care gives our healthcare teams the flexibility to work the hours that fit for their lifestyle. There are many shifts team members can choose from, whereas in a hospital setting you may not have the flexibility to choose your hours. Whether you are attending school, have a family, or even balancing a second job, working at a skilled nursing center gives you the flexibility to reach your career goals while also having a work-life balance.

Join Our Prestige Care Family

At Prestige, we know that caregiving is more than just a job; it is an opportunity to personally touch lives every day. By providing high-quality, compassionate care, our employees make a visible difference in the lives of our patients and residents, and their larger communities.

Join our amazing team at Prestige Care! Our skilled nursing locations are hiring for a variety of roles. We are proud to offer competitive wages, relocation assistance, and career advancement opportunities.

Learn more about our various positions at or visit us at to fill out our quick 15 second form and a member of our Talent Acquisition team will be in touch to discuss what we can offer you as a member of the Prestige Care family!