What Senior Living is Really Like at Prestige


OK, be honest: when you think of senior living, is this what comes to mind?

Yeah, we didn’t think so. Things are a little different here.

At Prestige Senior Living, we strive to bring joy to our residents. That could mean gardening, music or technology.

Or it could mean a life-size cutout of Fabio.

Hey, whatever floats your boat.

For many people, senior living conjures up a negative image of older adults losing their independence. However, while concessions sometimes have to be made for health and mobility, the truth is that residents at Prestige are encouraged and supported to continue doing the things that bring them happiness, with help from our team members.

We help residents celebrate life at every age.

Even with a little help from Fabio.

Finding Joy and Purpose

Days at Prestige can look like this:

Life is meant to be fun, and that’s our guiding principle as we create programming designed to bring joy and happiness to our residents. Our wellness program Celebrations contains six elements that guide the program, including Make New Friends.

At Prestige, social life is a big part of living in the community.

We encourage our residents to bond over activities, fitness programs, meals or even just watching movies together. Those relationships form the basis of life at Prestige.

Of course, sometimes a resident needs some down time in their apartment, and that’s important too. That’s the beauty of life at Prestige – you can make it what you want it to be.

It’s why we do all we can to support our residents as they pursue their hobbies and passions. Sometimes real life can get in the way: at a certain age activities like skiing or running may simply not be feasible. But that’s where our team comes up with innovative ideas to engage them in new activities they may not have previously considered.

Every day at Prestige is a new adventure.

Meaning and Purpose With Memory Care

Our philosophy of finding joy, meaning and purpose extends to our memory care residents. All residents deserve the opportunity to pursue their best selves. When a new resident moves into memory care, our teams work closely with their loved ones to learn their life story to help build events and programming that can trigger feelings of joy and nostalgia in them.

Our wellness program Expressions helps residents explore life through five elements: Healthy Expressions, Artistic Expressions, Spiritual Expressions, Tasty Expressions and Educational Expressions.

Whether it’s through games like kickball or frisbee bullseye, popcorn or ice cream socials or singalongs, our teams come up with programming that encourages activity and fun.

Life at Prestige

If you or a loved one is ready to consider senior living, we encourage you to reach out to the community nearest you. The teams at the community can take time on a tour to get to know you or your loved one on a personal level and learn how to make the experience the best it can be.