Try A Recipe For Prestige BBQ Rub and Mango Salsa!


If you’re looking for inspiration for dinner, Prestige Assisted Living at Autumn Wind has you covered! Residents enjoy restaurant-quality meals prepared by talented culinary teams, and we’re sharing one of those recipes with you, for a delicious BBQ rub that goes great on chicken with mango salsa.

The Recipe For The BBQ Rub Is As Follows


2 tablespoons salt

1 tablespoon black pepper

1 tablespoon onion powder

1 tablespoon garlic powder

1 teaspoon cumin

1 teaspoon dark chili powder

1 teaspoon paprika

2 tablespoons olive oil


In a bowl, combine all the dry ingredients: salt, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, dark chili powder, and paprika. Mix well to ensure an even distribution of flavors.

Drizzle the olive oil over the dry ingredients. Mix thoroughly to create a paste-like consistency.

And just like that, the rub is now ready! Simply rub it generously over your meat before grilling or roasting. Ensure that the rub is evenly distributed for a balanced flavor.

Let the meat sit with the rub for at least 15-30 minutes before cooking to allow the flavors to penetrate.

Feel free to adjust the quantities based on your taste preferences.

Recipe For The Mango Salsa


2 ripe mangoes, diced

1/2 red onion, finely chopped

1 red bell pepper, diced

1 jalapeño pepper, seeded and minced

1/4 cup fresh cilantro, chopped

Juice of 2 limes

Salt and pepper to taste


In a large mixing bowl, combine the diced mangoes, red onion, red bell pepper, jalapeño pepper, and cilantro.

Squeeze the juice of two limes over the mixture. Adjust the amount based on your taste preferences.

Gently toss the ingredients together until well combined.

Season the salsa with salt and pepper to taste. Remember to start with a little and add more if needed.

Allow the salsa to sit for at least 15-20 minutes to let the flavors meld together.

Give it a final stir before serving, and then top it on the chicken!

About The Recipe

This recipe is a favorite of Jason Tingey, the Dining Services Manager at Prestige Senior Living at Autumn Wind, located in Caldwell, Idaho.

Jason’s culinary journey began as an apprentice under the former director of the culinary arts program at Boise State University, a transformative experience that laid the foundation for his passion.

Working as a cook at Autumn Wind for the past eight years, Jason discovered a profound love for providing nourishment to the community’s residents. A turning point in his career was marked by a heartfelt compliment from a 98-year-old resident who, after tasting Jason’s rice pudding, felt transported back to her mother’s table, reliving cherished moments from childhood.

For Jason Tingey, being a chef isn’t just a profession, it’s a calling that chose him. Enriched by the memories of his grandmother and inspired by the joy he brings to the elderly through his culinary creations, Jason continues to infuse his work with passion, creating timeless connections through the art of food.

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Jason Tingey’s love of food and service comes through in his approach to creating unique dining experiences for the community’s residents.

It’s a common theme throughout Prestige, as our team works to nourish the mind, body and spirit of residents through our innovative wellness programming.

If you want to try some of Prestige’s culinary delights for yourself, contact a community near you to book a tour and ask about trying a meal!