Things Recruiters Wish You Knew

Job Interview

We imagine you have been taught every tip under the sun about applying for a job. Whether you were taught how to write a resume in high school or have been told by your last employer they liked your punctuality to the interview. At some point in our lives, we learn some kind of tip to help us land the job of our dreams. At Prestige Care, our hiring managers and recruiters have compiled their best pieces of advice and are here to share their years of experience with good and bad applicants.

Research the company before you interview

Nurse Recruiter Meagan McGrew says, “research ahead of time. Candidates don’t need to memorize information about the company or position, but it is refreshing to hear a candidate that has some knowledge or questions about information they have researched or heard about the company/position. As an interviewer we go the extra effort to review the candidates resume and application ahead of time, it is nice when the candidate takes the same time to review the company.”

Being too early is a negative

When you arrive too early to your interview, the pressure is put on a Recruiter and other people who may join the interview. During a busy workday, most professionals don’t have the flexibility to move around their schedule and drop everything to accommodate. In result, they feel extremely guilty for holding you in the reception area while they finish up other work tasks. Aim for being 5-10 minutes early, if need be, just hang out in your car or do some power poses.

Answer the question, and only the question

Interview answers are meant to be succinct, on topic, and appropriate. Storytelling or revealing private information will quickly lose your credibility with the interviewer. Our CNA Recruiter Brittany Hall says, “please keep protected information to yourself. I do not want to know about anything that could potentially be used to discriminate against you. I don’t want to know your age, I don’t want to know your religion, I don’t want to know how many kids you have or if you’re planning to have one soon. Please do not bring it up in an interview or anywhere during the hiring process.”

Bring the energy and passion!

It is imperative that you show genuine energy, passion and interest in the company and the role you are interviewing for. Director of Talent Acquisition Blake Thiess says, “most job seekers I interview don’t bring the passion and energy to the conversation. Want to stand out? Show genuine energy, interest in the company/role, and passion for the industry. Most people don’t.”

Take these quick hit tips when going into your next job interview. And check out careers with us here at Prestige, and take the next step in your career with us!

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