Specialty Nursing Care at a Skilled Nursing Center

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Specialty Care at a Skilled Nursing Center is intended for those who may require dedicated care for their unique or complex medical conditions. This personalized level of care provides patients with the ongoing support they require to improve their overall health and quality of life.

While specialty care options can vary among skilled nursing centers, our centers at Prestige Care offer Hospice and Palliative Care, Bariatric Care, Respite Care, and Memory Care in addition to our short- and long- term care programs.

Hospice & Palliative Care

Finding care for a loved one can be a difficult process, especially if they have been faced with a serious or complex illness. Hospice care is intended to provide comfort and symptom management for those who are facing a terminal illness or nearing the last stages of life. Individuals may require palliative care if they have a serious or chronic health condition and require additional care. This level of care focuses on improving quality of life, managing their illness, and relieving their pain.

If you are considering hospice or palliative care for your loved one, our Prestige skilled nursing centers offer services that focus on compassionate care for individuals who require this specialized level of attention. Our dedicated healthcare teams offer medical, social, and emotional support to ensure each resident is comfortable and their unique needs are being met.

Bariatric Care

If your loved one is considered obese – with a body mass index over 30 – and has been hospitalized, they may require specialized care at a skilled nursing center prior to returning home. Our bariatric specialty care at Prestige is intended to provide bariatric patients with post-acute rehabilitation after a hospitalization. This specialized program can include exercise activities, physical and occupational therapy, patient education, and a personalized nutrition plan.

We also ensure our bariatric patients are provided with the appropriate equipment, care, and space required to accommodate their health needs. This might include wheelchairs, specialized lifts, and larger rooms. Regardless of where you are in your recovery journey, Prestige is here to help. We will work with you, at your pace, to help you recover, prevent future complications, and improve your overall quality of life.

Respite Care

Caregiving for a loved one can be fulfilling and meaningful, although it may be challenging at times. It requires significant dedication and an investment of time out of your own personal life. If you find yourself being overwhelmed, it is important to consider taking some time for yourself to recharge.

Respite care at a skilled nursing center is offered to help provide short-term relief for caregivers, allowing them some time off while their loved one is cared for by a highly skilled interdisciplinary team. Caregivers and families can also use this option of care when needing support for an unexpected event or planned vacation.

We are proud to offer respite services at many of our Prestige skilled nursing centers to ensure caregivers are able to receive the rest they need, while our onsite clinical team provides around-the-clock care to ensure your loved one’s needs are also being met. While we know how fulfilling caregiving can be, we understand the impact it can have on a person’s wellbeing. We are dedicated to providing support for not only our residents, but also for the amazing caregivers in their lives. Whether it is for a day or a couple weeks, we are here to help.

Memory Care

One of the greatest challenges families may face as their loved one ages is finding them specialized and compassionate care, especially if they are experiencing a form of memory loss or have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia. A person with cognitive health challenges faces unique medical needs that can make accomplishing a daily task seem daunting. Memory Care at a skilled nursing center ensures a person is able to receive the 24/7, advanced care and support they need while living an active, fulfilling life.

Our care teams at Prestige work with each memory care patient to keep them engaged, while creating an environment in which they are able to thrive and receive the highest quality of care. We use innovative care techniques and life enrichment activities through our Expressions Memory Care program to provide an outlet for creativity through arts, learning, and turning daily activities into memorable and meaningful events. In addition to our dedicated care, we also provide a variety of amenities to ensure each memory care patient feels comfortable and safe in their new environment including medication management, regular housekeeping, secured centers, licensed nursing oversight, and resources such as our Guide to Memory Care.

At Prestige, you can rest assured that your loved one is being cared for and supported with the most advanced level of care. We understand how challenging it can be to find support for a loved one who requires specialized care, but we are here to help navigate your family through the process and ensure they are receiving the highest quality of care possible. Learn more about our Specialty Nursing Care at www.prestigecare.com/skilled-nursing/specialty-nursing-care.