Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation at Prestige Care

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If you or your loved one are seeking skilled nursing care, or post-acute rehabilitation after a hospitalization, Prestige Care is here to help. Skilled nursing is typically intended for those who need additional medical care after a serious injury, surgery, or illness prior to returning home.

At Prestige, our dedicated team members, combined with our state-of-the-art rehabilitation programs and advanced therapy techniques, help patients regain a full range of functional abilities to aid in their transition from hospital to home.

Whether you need post-acute care after a planned joint surgery, experienced a cardiac event, or suffered an injury from a fall, we are here to support you with all your clinical and rehabilitation needs.

Our highly trained clinical teams are skilled and experienced in assisting patients with a wide range of diagnosis while offering continued compassion and support throughout their recovery process. Our clinical teams at Prestige are comprised of a physician, nurse practitioner, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, registered dietitian, and certified nursing assistants.

Our physical, speech, and occupational therapy teams also work with our clinical teams to provide each person with an individualized treatment plan with the goal of helping them get back to their independent and active lifestyles.

Our therapy teams use a data-driven analytical approach to increase positive outcomes utilizing proven measures like SPPB score, Walking/Gait speed, 6MWT and others to dramatically reduce the risk of re-hospitalization and improve overall functional strength and mobility. Each person’s individual therapy program may consist of physical therapy, occupational therapy and/or speech therapy depending on their medical needs.

  • Physical Therapy focuses on improving functional mobility skills and strength.
  • Occupational Therapy focuses on achieving independence in activities of daily living, regaining motor skills, improving hand and upper extremity function, and bowel/bladder control.
  • Speech Therapy is used to improve communication in speaking, problem solving, reading, writing, and verbal expression along with resolving problems with swallowing.

Our interdisciplinary teams, comprised of our clinical and therapy teams, work with each patient to ensure they are receiving the care they require based on their unique medical needs and rehabilitation goals. Regardless of age or ability, our skilled healthcare teams work diligently with each person to help them optimize their recovery.

Short-Term Care

Our short-term skilled nursing and rehabilitation programs at Prestige are recommended for individuals who have been hospitalized following a serious injury, illness, or surgery and require additional medical care before returning home. A stay at a Prestige Skilled Nursing Center is meant to be a transitional period while a person is recovering and regaining their independence. Short-term care patients are expected to recover over a short period of time and return home with the tools they need to continue living an active lifestyle.

During your short-term care stay at one of our 33 skilled nursing centers, our clinical and therapy teams work with you and your family to review your care needs, conduct a medical evaluation, and develop your personalized care plan. We will work with you, at your pace, to help you fully recover and prevent any future complications.

While patients typically spend about 25-30 days in a short-term post-acute care center, our goal is to help you recover and return home as quickly as possible. Our short-term care programs may include a combination of therapy rehabilitation, customized meal plans, and patient education.

Long-Term Care

At Prestige, we recommend long-term care when a person’s care needs are no longer able to be met at a lower level of care and require a longer stay. Whether a person has a chronic or debilitating health condition such as heart disease, Alzeihmer’s, or experienced a stroke, our ongoing long-term care program is designed to improve their overall quality of life and support their complex medical needs.

Our long-term care patients are provided with an individualized care plan designed to support their personal needs which may include a combination of exercise therapy programs, assistance with daily activities (bathing, dressing, eating), and around-the-clock continuing care. We also focus on enhancing each person’s well-being through engaging and stimulating activities, social services support, customized dietary preferences, and ongoing comprehensive evaluations.

During your loved one’s stay at a Prestige Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, our highly trained healthcare teams are dedicated to providing them with the long-term clinical, therapeutic, and daily care they need to improve their quality of life.

Specialty Nursing Care

At Prestige, our skilled nursing centers may offer Specialty Nursing Care in addition to our short- and long- term care. This includes the following programs:

Our Memory Care program focuses on using innovative care techniques and life enrichment activities designed through our award-winning Expressions Memory Care program. Our goal is to turn daily activities into memorable and meaningful events and provide those with Alzheimer’s and dementia an outlet for creativity and engagement. During your loved one’s memory care stay at Prestige you can ensure they are receiving the 24-hour, advanced care and support they need to live an engaged and fulfilled life. We also provide a variety of amenities to make each patient feel comfortable and safe in their new environment such as medication management, housekeeping services, secured centers, customized meals, and resources such as our Guide to Memory Care.

Many of our Prestige Care skilled nursing centers also offer a Respite Care program designed to provide short-term relief for primary caregivers. If you are a caregiver or family member of a person who needs continuing medical care, you can use this option when you need support for an unexpected event, planned vacation, or require your own self-care. Our onsite nursing teams offer comprehensive support to ensure your loved one’s medical needs are being met while you have the opportunity to take care of your own personal needs.

Here at Prestige, our Bariatric Care program is offered for patients with a body mass index over 30 who require skilled nursing and short-term rehabilitation after being hospitalized. This specialized program includes an exercise therapy program, a personalized nutrition plan, and educational resources to live a healthy lifestyle. We also provide the appropriate equipment, care, and space required to accommodate their health needs including wheelchairs and specialized lifts.

Our Hospice and Palliative Care program focuses on improving quality of life and providing comfort for an individual who has been faced with a serious or complex illness or nearing the last stages of life. We understand this is a difficult time for loved ones and their families which is why we offer medical, social, and emotional support to ensure they are comfortable, and their unique needs are being met.

A Stay at Prestige Care

At Prestige, our goal is to help you transition from hospital to home and provide you with tools necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent future complications.

Each person’s rehabilitation journey is unique to them and may require either short-term, long-term or specialty care. However, during your stay at a Prestige Care Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center you can generally expect a compassionate, highly skilled nursing team, involvement in your care decisions, and regular comprehensive progress reports from your entire interdisciplinary team.

Your journey to recovery at Prestige is measured every step of the way to ensure you are receiving the correct level of care to help you achieve your goals and regain your independence. We also provide each person with a complete discharge plan to help prevent the risk of a rehospitalization.

Our team of healthcare professionals work with each individual from the moment they are admitted to one of our skilled nursing centers to the time they are discharged and able to return home. Contact one of our Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers to learn more about our care options.