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Prestige Family Feature - Trinity Watte, Resident Care Coordinator at Prestige Assisted Living at Chico

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These days, it’s rare to find healthcare professionals who stay with one company for an extended period of time. Trinity Watte of our Prestige Assisted Living at Chico (Chico, CA) community bucks that trend. Trinity has been with Chico since 2005, serving in only two roles, the Medication Technician role, and eventually getting promoted to the Resident Care Coordinator role, which she has been in since 2015.

Watte could go anywhere, but she has found a home with Prestige Care, a home in which she finds much job fulfillment and impact. “I find a lot of fulfillment in my colleagues and co-workers. We are part of the family. They know they can rely on me and they can rely on me…it makes the work environment fulfilling,” says Watte.

While she enjoys her work as a Resident Care Coordinator, interacting with the residents and their families, she mentions that truly enjoys the organization she chooses to work for, and has truly found a “work family” to call her own. “Prestige has good family core values. The residents become part of your family. Your family becomes part of the family. Both of my little girls have been here and the residents love them too. My daughter always wants to visit here. My job allows me flexibility with my kids. The company has good family values.”

It is this environment at this company that has allowed Trinity Watte to find a home, and truly enjoy her work. You, too can find a place within the Prestige Care Family by visiting our careers page to view all of our high impact career opportunities today.

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