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Prestige Family Feature - Jessica Clapp, Social Services Director at Prestige Nursing & Rehabilitation - Sunnyside

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19 years. That is how long Jessica Clapp has been a loyal team member with the Prestige Care Family. Jessica is the current Social Services Director at our Prestige Nursing & Rehabilitation – Sunnyside (Sunnyside, WA) care center, where she has been since 2014. After graduation from Eastern Washington University, she wanted to find a home. You could say she found that with Prestige Care, first with our Toppenish Care Center, and now with Sunnyside.


What does it take to stay with one company for almost 2 decades? A whole lot of love, compassion, a run work environment, and a and genuine connection with the organization. “I think it’s the core values that have kept me here for 19 years. Living those values that Prestige Care has are in alignment with my own” says Clapp.


Jessica does a variety of duties in her Social Services Director role, but where the rubber meets the road, it’s the people that is the most rewarding part of her job. “I enjoy getting to know the people, some of them have amazing stories throughout their lives. I get to hear experiences at war, experiences growing up, where they have been and what they have seen. I like to see them be successful when they go home,” says Clap.


Jessica also loves the fact she is able to bring her whole self to work, and truly be a member of the local community all while working it. Clapp mentions that Sunnyside Christian School is a small private school that doesn't have a lot of kids to make up a pep band during winter sports season.  Parents, and even grandparents, get together with the students and they make up a multi-generational pep band. Jessica and her girls are a part of that group. She play saxophone, one daughter plays clarinet & saxophone and her other daughter plays percussion/drums. It’s truly a family for Jessica.


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