Prestige Sings! Is Underway


The curtain has lifted and the show has begun.

It’s time once again for Prestige Sings!, our virtual karaoke contest featuring our talented residents and staff members.

Throughout June, we’ll feature members of the Prestige family performing some of their favorite songs, and you get to vote to see who moves on each week. There are entries in the resident, staff and group categories, with the highest vote-getters moving on each week.

There’s also a wide variety of songs to enjoy – from recent hits, to classics to hymns.

It all culminates in a live grand finale on Thursday, June 30 at 3 p.m. Be sure to tune in to our Facebook page that day to watch the finale and see who our winners are.

As much as Prestige Sings is about fun and camaraderie in our communities, there are tangible benefits for the residents as well, as music and singing are important for older adults.

As the world changes around us, and people in our lives come and go, change can be unsettling and difficult. It’s why music is such an important part of our lives: whatever else happens, that song we loved years ago hasn’t changed.

Studies have shown that music has many tangible benefits for older adults: it improves mood, boosts energy and can create positive feelings and even bring back fond memories.

But appreciating music doesn’t have to be a passive experience – singing can be incredibly impactful for seniors.

For memory care residents, despite losing memories of other aspects of life, oftentimes they remember song lyrics as they are stored in a part of the brain not affected by Alzheimer’s disease. According to the Mayo Clinic, singing can help them relieve stress and reduce anxiety, depression and agitation.

And for all older adults, singing can provide an aerobic workout, which can be particularly important as many older adults can’t run or engage in cardiovascular activities. Instead, it’s singing that can improve lung function, circulation and release hormones that fight stress for them. 

For those living in senior living communities, singing can be a bonding experience that improves camaraderie and strengthens relationships.

To learn more about how we incorporate music and singing into our programming, contact the location nearest you to set up a tour!