Post-Acute Care at Prestige After a Joint Surgery

physical therapy

If you have recently undergone a joint surgery, your healthcare team and surgeon may suggest optimizing your recovery at a post-acute rehabilitation center.  

After a joint surgery, such as a hip, knee, or shoulder procedure, you may be experiencing limited mobility, lack of balance, and reduced muscle strength. A stay at a short-term care center can enhance your rehabilitation and provide you with the tools and resources you need to successfully return home to your independent lifestyle.

While every patient requires a care plan personalized to their own medical needs, here is what you can expect at a Prestige Care post-acute care center following a joint surgery.

Comprehensive Therapy Program

At Prestige, our team of physical and occupational therapists work with each person that has been admitted to our skilled nursing centers to determine their rehabilitation needs. If your loved one is recovering from a joint surgery, they may be required to receive physical or occupational therapy to improve their strength, mobility, range of motion, and independence in activities of daily living (ADL). 

During your stay our experienced therapy teams use a data-driven approach to help regain overall functional strength, increase positive recovery outcomes, and dramatically decrease risk of rehospitalization. Our approach consists of a variety of assessments and evaluations including Short Physical Performance Battery (SPPB) Score, Walking/Gait Speed, and the 6 Minute Walk Test (6MWT).

The SPPB Score is a motor test used to evaluate lower extremity ability and strength. This assessment measures a person’s balance, walking speed, and ability to stand from a sitting position. A Gait Speed test is intended to determine a person’s functional mobility and evaluate their risk for a fall. It measures the time and ability it takes for someone to walk a specific distance. A similar assessment, the 6MWT, is used to evaluate the distance a person is able to walk in an allotted six minutes. It is often used to help determine a person’s mobility and functional exercise capacity.

These assessments are then used to determine the appropriate therapy program for each individual to help improve mobility, balance, and build muscle strength. This may include a combination of physical and occupational therapy exercises, including walking on the treadmill, fall prevention exercises, practicing sitting or standing up, and aquatic resistance training.

Regardless of where you are in your recovery journey, our team of experienced therapists will work with you every step of the way to ensure you are receiving the care you need to improve your strength and regain your independence.  

Personalized Meal Plan

After a joint surgery, patients may be experiencing muscle loss and a lack of nutrients necessary for an optimal recovery. Our registered dietitians and dietary managers at Prestige work with each resident to develop a customized meal plan designed to integrate with a person’s overall rehabilitation program.

Your registered dietitian may suggest incorporating protein into your diet to help improve your strength and replenish the nutrients and vitamins in your body. In fact, studies have shown that a protein-rich diet can be a key component in building muscle and healing successfully after a serious injury or surgery.

Your dietary team may recommend high protein foods such as turkey, fish, chicken, beans, eggs, dairy products, and soy. If you are lacking an appetite, we will work with you to incorporate smaller meals that are high in protein, or your registered dietitian may suggest taking a protein supplement.

At Prestige, residents may also receive a post-discharge meal plan to help prevent rehospitalization and ensure they are receiving the nutrients they need to reduce malnourishment and continue building their strength after a joint surgery.

Compassionate Nursing Care

In addition to a personalized therapy program and modified diet plan, you will receive access to 24/7, compassionate care and onsite nursing at a Prestige post-acute care center. We offer around-the-clock support to address sudden health changes and ensure patients are cared for as quickly as possible.

After a joint replacement or surgery, you may also be experiencing pain that requires medication. Our highly skilled nurses work with each resident’s physician to ensure they are receiving the medication and pain management they need to support their ongoing recovery. It is also important to communicate any concerns you may have about your pain levels so our care teams can help adjust your medication and pain management strategies.

While we understand a joint surgery can be a life-changing event, our team of highly skilled caregivers, therapists, and dietitians are dedicated to providing each resident with the compassionate and expert care they need to ease their recovery journey, achieve their rehabilitation goals, and successfully regain their independence.

We work with each patient throughout their entire recovery process and prior to discharge to provide them with educational resources, at-home care options, and the tools necessary to continue living independently and help prevent future injuries.

At Prestige Care, we know each person’s recovery journey is unique to them and based on their individual needs. During your stay at a Prestige Care Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, you can expect involvement in your care decisions, encouragement to be as independent as possible, regular evaluations and progress reports from your therapists, and comprehensive and compassionate care from your entire interdisciplinary team.

Contact one of our Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers to learn more about our care options after a joint surgery.