Onsite Dialysis at Prestige Post-Acute and Rehab Center – Milwaukie


As a dialysis patient receiving care at a skilled nursing center, the process of receiving treatments can be time consuming and both physically and mentally draining. Patients may need to travel a far distance to and from the nearest dialysis facility, spend hours in a treatment process that can drain their energy, and repeat the process multiple times a week.

In 2021, Prestige Post-Acute and Rehabilitation Center – Milwaukie partnered with DaVita Kidney Care to open an industry-leading onsite dialysis center to make the process much easier for their patients undergoing dialysis treatment. Milwaukie’s six-chair dialysis center allows patients to receive treatments without having to leave the building which can help prevent missed sessions and improve their quality of life. DaVita’s onsite service does not only save patients time and energy, but it can also increase their safety by removing the risks associated with travel, reduce their exposure to viruses outside of the facility, and prevent adverse medical events or rehospitalization.

Dialysis Process

Milwaukie’s dialysis patients have access to immediate, onsite hemodialysis which is administered by highly trained clinical staff including RNs, PCTs, dietitians, social workers, and medical director oversight by a dedicated nephrologist. This service helps reduce the challenge of transportation to treatment facilities and prioritizes patient care and experience.

“The need is great. There aren’t enough dialysis centers and chairs to meet the need. A lot of times skilled nursing facilities shy away from dialysis residents because there’s so much extra effort and support that’s needed to get them to and set up their scheduled appointments, which is about three times a week,” said Mackenzie Henstein, Admissions & Marketing Director for Prestige Post-Acute and Rehabilitation Center – Milwaukie. “We’re the first facility in the Northwest to have this type of a dialysis center in our building, as we can bring in a short-term resident and they can get on the elevator and go downstairs and be able to have their treatment and come back upstairs and still have some energy.”

This state-of-the-art center uses traditional dialysis machines with portable water systems – a process similar to how many patients receive treatment at an offsite dialysis center. DaVita’s onsite care services are provided according to orders given by and in collaboration with the patient’s nephrologist, who can access the patient’s treatment and lab data within DaVita’s network.

Benefits of Onsite Dialysis

While convenience is certainly a major benefit in this new clinic, there are tangible health and safety concerns that are also alleviated by having the clinic onsite.

“We’re providing a service where they don’t have to stay in the hospital or go back to the hospital for dialysis. There’s a plethora of benefits for the patients,” said Pilo Cano, Administrator for Prestige Post-Acute and Rehabilitation Center – Milwaukie. “And it’s real time. So, the communication between the dialysis staff and the nursing staff here is almost immediate. We have real-time documentation in the same system. So, if there are any concerns, they can just dial up the phone or go through the system where they can say, okay, we have this issue going on with this patient. They can call nurses down if something does happen.”

Dialysis treatment can be a grueling procedure – it takes nearly four hours per session and leaves the patient exhausted by the end. Streamlining a patient’s care under one roof can help patients recover faster and prevent future complications.

“You’re exhausted afterwards. It’s like running a marathon and you never left the chair,” said Cano. “So, they can recuperate quicker which means they can participate in therapies quicker so they can get stronger and can go home sooner.”

Our goal is to ensure all of our patients are receiving the care they need to recover successfully, improve their overall quality of life, and transition smoothly back to their independent lifestyles.

For more information about Prestige Care’s Onsite Dialysis Center at Prestige Post-Acute and Rehabilitation Center – Milwaukie, call (503) 659-2323 or visit Prestige Post-Acute & Rehabilitation Center – Milwaukie’s website.