Aug 10

Prestige Care

Prestige Sings!: A Virtual Singing Competition

Posted by Prestige Care

We’re recognizing all the talent at Prestige, and we’re asking the community to help make it happen.

Throughout the month of August, we’ve asked our Prestige family to sing their hearts out and showcase their karaoke talents in our virtual singing competition, “Prestige Sings!"

How it works:

- Our residents and staff record their individual or group singing performances
- Performances are uploaded to our website at
- The community votes on their favorite entries

Are you ready to vote? Visit to watch the videos and vote on your favorite submission in each category—resident, staff and group. Once you have chosen your favorites, click “submit” at the bottom of the page to officially cast your vote.

We will be narrowing down the contestants each week, so be sure to check back to watch any new entries and vote on the finalists.


Why a Singing Competition?

Not only is a singing competition a great way to get our residents and staff involved in some friendly—and fun—competition, singing also has many health benefits, including:

Brain Health: The ability to sing comes from the “frontal lobe”. Many studies of the brain’s reaction to music and singing have shown that those things that the frontal lobe controls, can actually cross over the hemispheres of the brain and enhance the areas that may be lacking, such as the temporal lobe in regard to speech.

Well-Being: Science has shown that when we sing or even listen to music, it releases endorphins in the brain, the chemicals that help us feel uplifted and happy, and can motivate us to accomplish new goals.

Physical Health: Singing opens and expands our lungs and diaphragm for better breath control, oxygenates the blood to our brain, helps with circulation and alertness, and in some cases, can benefit taste and swallowing.

Learn more about the benefits of Singing for Health from our Expressions Memory Care Product Manager, Angie Frantz.