May 19

Prestige Care

Heroes Work Here

Posted by Prestige Care

In early May, staff members at Prestige Senior Living at Karcher Estates were surprised with a series of large, colorful letters spelling out the words “Heroes Work Here.” A local community group set them up as a way to say thank you to the front-line health care workers at Prestige who continue to respond to the threat of COVID-19, all while working to ensure that our residents and patients continue to receive the high-quality care and service that they’ve come to know and expect.

Since then, Prestige has helped install similar signs across our footprint, honoring our team of dedicated staff and caregivers and recognizing the important service they provide on a daily basis.

Responding to COVID-19 isn’t easy, but our team works hard to ensure that not only are our communities and centers safe, and that our infection control policies are followed consistently and correctly, but that we continue to nurture the mind, body and spirit of those we serve.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve witness countless acts of kindness and devotion from our team. They’ve gone above and beyond to bring out the best of this situation – taking great care, and often creativity, to foster a sense of community within each and every one of our locations while we continue to limit visitor access to keep our residents and patients safe: from establishing door-to-door happy hours and hallway bingo, to coordinating with local community groups and families to host “drive-through parades” where families and friends can come together to spread cheer to all members of our Prestige community.

These are only a handful of heartwarming examples of how our team upholds the Prestige promise to personally touch lives every day – just follow our Facebook page to see more ways we foster community.

More importantly, their determination to limit the spread of this virus remains at an all-time high. Day in and day out, our frontline staff do everything they can to protect those we serve, demonstrating strong leadership during this time and collaborating with various health authorities to ensure that our preventive measures are well above standard.

For all of these reasons and more, they are our heroes. It is this community of empathetic, passionate caregivers who make Prestige what it is today, and we are incredibly proud of their teamwork and dedication we as continue to respond to this ever-evolving situation.

Thank you to all members of the Prestige Team and also to the many other extraordinary individuals who have stepped up during this difficult time. Together, we are helping our communities stay safe and healthy.