Apr 29

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Fall Prevention: Bathroom Safety for Seniors

Posted by Prestige Care

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most injuries in the bathroom, around 81 percent, occur because of slips and falls. With bathmats, slippery floors, and hard surfaces, it can sometimes be difficult to safely navigate the bathroom as we age. Luckily, there are many ways to fall proof your bathroom to help decrease your fall risk and maintain independence as you age.  

Secure Your Rugs 
Make sure to properly secure any rugs you have on your bathroom floor, including bathmats. Rugs and bathmats have a habit of sliding, getting bunched up, and becoming a major tripping hazard. Try using a non-slip rug pad, or even duct tapeto keep your rugs securely in one place.  

In addition to floor mats, adding a rubber or silicone mat inside your bathtub or shower is another simple way to help reduce your fall risk when bathingA silicone mat with suction cups or stoppers will help ensure you maintain your balance and do not slip when moving around in the shower or tub. 

Watch Your Feet 
Wearing slippers or socks with rubber stoppers on the bottom can also help in reducing your fall risk. Be sure to fully dry your feet and put on non-slip socks immediately after getting out of the shower or bathtub. Try to do this before you even begin walking around.  

Make Things Easy to Reach 

To avoid losing your balance when searching for items, place all regularly used items in an easy-to-reach area. For example, if your towels are on a high shelf, it would be helpful to move them to a lower shelf to avoid having to stretch too high or climb on a stool. Placing items very visibly on your countertop is another great way to ensure you will always be able to access what you need.  

Invest in Some Tools  
There are a few small investments you can make to further help reduce your risk of falling. A shower stool or chair is a great tool to purchase if you easily lose your balance or feel uneasy about slipping in the shower. Be sure to invest in a stool or chair with handles to help you maintain your balance and provide extra support when standing back up or repositioning.  

Handrails are another helpful tool to invest in. When placed near the toilet or shower, handrails provide older individuals with the additional support they may need to make safe maneuvers, such as standing, sitting and getting into the bathtub 

Get More Light 
Because eyesight diminishes with age, it is important to make sure your environment has ample light to help avoid any obstacles in your path. A night light or lamp specifically for your bathroom may help ensure you can safely navigate your surroundings, especially at night.  


At Prestige Senior Living, the apartments in our communities are designed with safety and comfort in mind. Depending on the individual needs of our residents, our team will work with them to ensure they feel safe and secure in their home. 

To learn more about how we make safety a top priority, contact your local community today.