Oct 05

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Choosing the Right Level of Care

Posted by Prestige Care

When it comes time for your older loved one to receive additional care, it can be difficult to determine which level of care will best suit their needs. You might not understand the different levels of care available to your loved one, which can make finding and touring senior living communities or centers an overwhelming task.

The first thing to understand is that there are multiple levels of senior care available today. The four main types of senior care available at Prestige Senior Living and Prestige Care include Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care, and Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation.

Your loved one’s needs will help you better determine which level of care will work best for them. Let’s break down each type of care to provide a better understanding of the available options.

Independent Living

Independent living gives residents the opportunity to live how they choose, without round-the-clock medical attention. Those in independent living typically have access to scheduled activities and meals, a wonderful community environment, and a variety of aging resources should they need it.

At Prestige, we aim to provide our independent living residents with an environment that allows them to live on their own with the option to experience and participate in activities as they choose. We do our best to handle the details so that our residents can relax, and of course, enjoy life! Access to all amenities and recreations is included in our independent living services as well as an environment that helps foster friendships with others who are in a similar stage of life.

Assisted Living

Assisted living offers a higher level of care than independent living and is a great fit for those who may need assistance is regular daily activities, such as taking medication, bathing, getting dressed, or cooking. Assisted living is designed to provide older individuals with personalized care in a residential setting that fosters independence and wellness. Although assisted living offers a higher level of care, residents still have access to scheduled meals and activities and are able to utilize all the amenities provided as they choose. It’s important to note that assisted living is not the same as a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center, which provides full-time and rigorous medical care.

When it comes to assisted living, our focus is on activity, engagement, and relaxation, creating a perfect balance to allow residents to live well and enjoy life.  Many of our communities also offer our innovative Celebrations program. At Prestige, we embrace the concept of wellness, which we believe is about quality of life.

Memory Care

Memory care is specifically designed for those living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. Because memory care residents require a specific and unique level of care, most memory care communities provide stimulating and engaging activities and routines that focus on maintaining or improving cognitive function. Much like assisted living communities, memory care residents are provided access to on-going care with assistance in their daily living activities.

At Prestige, we take great pride in keeping our residents engaged and fulfilled, while also providing the latest and most advanced forms of memory care. Using innovative care techniques and life enrichment activities through our Expressions Memory Care program, we provide those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia an outlet for creativity through arts, learning, and spirituality, and we focus on turning daily activities into memorable and meaningful events.

Skilled Nursing, Rehabilitation and Post-Acute Care

Skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and post-acute care is for those who need short-term care following an injury, surgery, or illness. The goal with this level is of care is to successfully transfer patients from hospital to home, or senior living community, by providing the tools and resources for each phase of recovery. A stay at a skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and post-acute care center is not meant to be a long-term solution, but rather a transitional period to help patients recover and return to their every day lives.

With Prestige rehabilitation and post-acute care programs, the journey to recovery is measured every step of the way to ensure that our patients are receiving the right level of care to achieve their goals and expectations.

During a patient’s stay, we also provide ongoing, comprehensive evaluations to determine the need for home health or outpatient services on a patient’s return home. Our goal is not only for our patients to recover, but also to prevent future complications through education and enhanced well-being.


If you are unsure of which level of care will be best for yourself, or your loved one, contact a community near you. Our team is more than happy to talk you through the process and find the perfect solution for your needs.