May 12

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Activities to Do With Your Senior Loved Ones

Posted by Prestige Care

Everyone can benefit from staying active and connected, especially with people they love. To reduce loneliness and keep the mind and body engaged, it is important to encourage seniors to participate in activities that they can enjoy either on their own, or with others.  

We’ve compiled a list of fun activities to help get your creativity flowing: 

Get Moving 

Practice yoga

Yoga is a great way to stretch, build muscles, and practice mindfulness for people of all ages. It is also very customizable and can be tailored to an individual based on their mobility. As we age, it may be more difficult to balance on one leg or touch our toes, but there are many poses that can be done seated or with the help of a handrail. As always, please be sure to talk with your doctor before beginning any type of exercise routine.  

Start a planter

Spend time with your loved one and help them decorate their space! Start by finding a small planter box and place it somewhere in the home that is easily accessible. Next, plant some seeds that they can then water and watch grow. Certain plants like succulents are low maintenance, which may be a good option for a beginner gardener. You can also easily grow your own herbs like parsley, mint and chives.  

Work Your Brain 

Make a memory jar

This is a great craft for all to try, especially those who have loved ones living with dementia. Decorate a jar and keep pieces of paper and pens nearby. When you or your loved one share a great memory, write it on the slip of paper, fold it up, and stick it in the jar. Once the jar starts to fill up, you can open it up and reminisce on the memories together! 

Play a trivia game

Create your own trivia game to play with your loved ones by coming up with your own questions or finding some online. Ask questions about pop culture from when they were a kid, questions about the town they grew up in, or anything else they may have an interest in. Who knows, you may even learn a few things about them you didn’t know before!  A fun trivia game can easily be played over the phone or via a video call. 

Get Creative

Create a collage

By using photos, magazines, and newspapers around your home, you and your loved one can make a beautiful collage. Whether you want to put together a mood board of photos you like or use colors and textures to make a cohesive image, collages are a great way to relax and show some creativity in the comfort of your own home. 

Bake and cook 

Maybe you have a family recipe you enjoy making or you want to try something new. Baking or cooking is a great bonding experience for family and friends of all ages! Try splitting up the tasks to keep things flowing smoothly. From chopping and mixing to washing the dishes and enjoying the final dish, there are tons of ways to engage multiple family members throughout the entire process.  If you’re worried about social distancing, try baking or cooking with your loved ones over a video call!  

Make a bird feeder

You and your loved one can make bird feeders out of simple household items. One of the simplest home-made birdfeeders is a pinecone covered in peanut butter and dipped in seeds. It is super simple to make but birds will love it! You can place it outside the window and enjoy watching birds flock to the feeder throughout the day.  


In our Prestige communities, we know how important it is to keep residents engaged and connected. Through our Celebrations and Expressions programs, we provide residents with a variety of engaging activities, outings, events, and socials to keep them happy and healthy. No matter the season of life you may be in, we work hard to help our residents celebrate and enjoy life at every age! 

For more information on the types of activities and wellness programs we offer, contact your nearest Prestige location.