Making the Holidays Memorable for Your Loved One in Post-Acute Care

Is your loved one recovering at a post-acute care center or at home during the holidays this year? The holiday season is a valued time to spend with family, but if your loved one is continuing their recovery after a hospitalization, it may feel discouraging to get back to the holiday traditions they enjoy with the people they love.

At Prestige Care, we understand how important it is to create memories with your loved one. Encouragement and support from family and friends can positively affect the health of a post-acute care patient, especially during this time of year.

Here are just a few ways you can help make the holidays memorable for your loved one this year.  

Spend More Time Together

Time spent with your loved one is the most important gift they can receive any time of the year, and even more so if they are required to stay in a post-acute care center. During the holidays, being away from family can bring on a sense of loneliness and may cause a negative impact on their rehabilitation.

Even spending a couple hours with your family member can make them feel supported and cared for. Whether you take them out for a nice holiday meal, or just take the time to listen to their recovery experience, make it a point to spend time with your loved one this season.

Share Family Memories

The holidays are full of cherished family memories and can be a great time to share previous family traditions and stories of holidays past. This can be especially thoughtful for your loved one that may be experiencing memory loss or isn’t able to experience the same traditions during this holiday season.

Sharing past holiday memories can bring a sense of familiarity to your loved one and can help support their emotional health as they are rehabilitating. This can also help strengthen your connection with your family member and make them feel cared for and listened to.

Help Set Up Decorations

Your loved one may still be experiencing mobility issues after a hospitalization, whether they are staying at a post-acute care center or have just been discharged home. If they are experiencing limited mobility, they may be feeling discouraged about their ability to decorate for the holidays.

You can help your loved one feel the holiday spirit this year by offering to help put up their decorations whether at home or in their room at their post-acute care center. Ask them what decorations mean the most to them and how they prefer them to be placed to help them feel involved. The simplest of acts can go a long way for your family member and can help them feel encouraged to continue improving their health.

Neighborhood Holiday Lights

At Prestige, we know how magical the holidays can be with the twinkling lights and festive decorations all over town. Your loved one may even have fond memories of driving around and looking at the variety of holiday lights around the neighborhood with their families.

If they are recovering at a skilled nursing center, check with their care team or physician to see if they are able to go on a short drive to experience the holiday lights in town. If they are unable to leave the center due to their medical needs, you can opt for a virtual experience whether that is via Zoom or Facetime, or even a holiday light show video.

Recovering from an injury or illness during the holidays can be a challenging time for your loved one, especially if they are staying at a post-acute care center. At our Prestige Skilled Nursing Centers, it is important for us to create a home-like environment which includes continuing to celebrate the significant events and holidays in our patients’ lives. Continue making holiday memories with your loved one this season regardless of where they are in their rehabilitation journey.