Life at Prestige is About Celebrations


At Prestige, Celebrations aren’t reserved for birthdays or anniversaries. We don’t wait for special events or milestones. Celebrations is a daily part of life at our communities.

There may not be cake every day, but Celebrations enriches the lives of our residents.

Celebrations is the wellness programming enjoyed by our independent and assisted living residents.

Wellness is more than a buzzword for us, it’s a commitment to the physical, emotional and spiritual health of our residents, as we help them enjoy the highest quality of life.

Celebrations was developed in conjunction with the International Council on Active Aging’s (ICAA) Dimensions of Wellness and Active Aging model. Prestige’s commitment to wellness with Celebrations has made the program an industry leader for best practices in senior care.

As our teams put together activity calendars, and plan the daily, weekly and monthly programs for residents, the Celebrations program and its six components guide them in their work. Those six pillars are as follows:

Make New Friends:

Coming out of a pandemic where many older adults were isolated and saw social bonds fray, the Make New Friends component of Celebrations is incredibly timely. One of the most important indicators of happiness is the strength of the social bonds in your life, and through Celebrations, residents make meaningful connections with an entire community of people who each have their own unique and fascinating experiences.

Live Better:

It’s hard to enjoy life without the physical health and energy to take part in activities. As such, the Live Better element of Celebrations is composed of a variety of fitness programs: a full physical assessment upon moving in, the Energize Exercise program, which is a combination of both seated and standing exercises, fall reduction classes and Ageless Grace®, a popular program that focuses on improving the health of both body and brain.

Expand Your Mind:

As important as it is to engage in physical fitness, cognitive health is just as vital, and it’s a large element in the Celebrations program. Our Mind Masters program is front and center in that regard, with appropriate challenges to preserve and grow residents’ cognitive health. We also encourage our residents to try new experiences and provide comfortably paced classes, the latest gadgets and technology and ever-changing curriculum.

Enjoy Life:

Imagine being done with cooking, cleaning and laundry. Think about the freedom of tossing aside your to-do list and instead reading that book you’ve had sitting on the bedside table for months. That’s why we’re here: to take away the everyday worries of residents so they can focus on doing the things they love.

Make A Difference:

Everybody has something to offer: a skill, a knowledge set, or even their time. That process of imparting it can bring fulfillment and joy, and it’s something the Celebrations program fosters in our communities.

We give residents the tools to share their time and talents with both neighbors here at Prestige Senior Living and beyond in the local community.

Express Yourself:

What have you always wanted to do, but never had the time for? Maybe it’s painting, or cooking or gardening. Whatever it may be, through Celebrations we can help scratch that itch. This is the time to find new passions, try different experiences and improve your overall wellbeing. Or maybe it’s continuing with hobbies and interests that already exist. Whether it’s trying something new, or getting back into an old favorite, our residents can do it all.

Of course, Celebrations is there for actual Celebrations too – we always love a good party at Prestige. When it’s time for cake and sparklers, we bring out the cake and sparklers.

But wellness is at the center of everything we do, and Celebrations is how we do it. It’s not just Bingo at Prestige – it’s a dynamic, ever-changing calendar of events and activities that enrich, bring joy and help residents with their physical, cognitive and spiritual health. Those are things worth holding Celebrations for.