Including Older Loved Ones in Holiday Activities

Holiday ideal: spending cold days curled up under a blanket with a hot chocolate while watching movies.

Holiday reality: putting up decorations, a stack of cards to mail, shopping, wrapping, parties, events, cooking, baking…

Of course, amid all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, the most important thing remains spending time with family and loved ones.

That’s especially true for older adults in your life, who are often susceptible to struggling with loneliness and isolation around the holidays, particularly if they live alone. It’s also vital for loved ones living with memory loss, and the accommodations to make for them.

As family members work through the seemingly never-ending holiday to-do list, it can sometimes be difficult to incorporate older loved ones into their activities.

Here, we offer a few ideas on ways to ensure that any older family members or loved ones can be part of your holiday celebrations.

  • Decorate Together

When you put up the tree in your living room and all the other decorations, make it a fun, family event with everyone! Have holiday music playing and set the mood with a festive family day. Often, older adults will have treasured ornaments or decorations they’ll want to contribute; try to place them someone prominent.

  • Holiday Baking

Of course, what would holiday decorating be without some favorite treats? From gingerbread to shortbread, peppermint to chocolate, there’s bound to be some family favorites you and a loved one can whip up together in the kitchen. Bonding over baking classic family favorites is a great way to create treasured holiday memories.

  • Movie Day

If the weather outside is frightful, a movie day could be delightful. Get the entire family together for a cozy afternoon of holiday classics. And before succumbing to the modern dilemma of scrolling endlessly to find something everyone can agree on, maybe have everyone write down their choice and then pick one out of a hat.

It gives the opportunity for a selection of movies across every generation – from It’s a Wonderful Life, to A Christmas Story, or National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation to Elf, it’s a great way to spend the day together. (Just don’t go for Bad Santa if someone puts that entry in the mix.)

  • Stream a Christmas Concert

Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, holiday classics from across different generations are available on demand. Whether it’s to have on in the background while decorating or baking, or to sit and enjoy with the family, you can enjoy concerts from an entire spectrum of artists over the years – from Bing Crosby to Rod Stewart to Kelly Clarkson – you’re sure to find something.

Or, if you prefer something closer to home, many local churches, choirs or schools livestream holiday concerts you can tune in to and enjoy!

However you choose to celebrate the holidays, including older adults in your plans can help with their mental health and overall well-being.

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