Bringing Joy To Memory Care With Expressions

Woman gardening

How does this sound for a day’s itinerary:

After breakfast, you gather with your friends and neighbors for cocoa and a rundown of the day’s news. From there it’s an exercise class followed by getting your nails done.

After lunch, your options include a neighborhood clean-up project, a matinee movie or relaxation and meditation.

Then there’s an afternoon social, some friendly trivia with your neighbors, a delicious dinner and then winding down by listening to old time radio.

It’s a full day of friends, activity and fun.

And it all happens in a memory care community where residents also receive unparalleled care from a dedicated team with specialized training in meeting the needs of those living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

The itinerary listed above isn’t hypothetical – it’s an example taken from the events calendar of our Assisted Living at Summerplace community in Portland.

Our memory care teams don’t randomly throw together activity calendars, they’re carefully curated using the elements of our award-winning memory care wellness program Expressions to bring joy and fulfillment to our residents.

Expressions has five pillars upon which the programming is planned out:

Healthy Expressions

Exercise is critical for those with Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementias, as research shows that exercise can slow the progression of the disease. Our residents engage in regular physical activities led by trained staff who can help them stay fit and active.

Artistic Expressions

These activities celebrate the creative spirit in us all. Research has established that those with Alzheimer’s and related dementias often experience a spike in creativity. Artistic Expressions celebrates and encourages imagination involving the arts, poetry and music.

Spiritual Expressions

Spirituality can mean a connection with God or a higher being. For others, it is an experience of awe, focused attention, or mental discipline. Spiritual Expressions activities enable each person to develop inner peace through their own spiritual journey. Our team members work with our residents and families to find ways to create those moments of spiritual joy.

Tasty Expressions

Tasty Expressions activities celebrate the joy and pleasure that can come from food. Food provides nutrition, a chance for socialization and an opportunity to reminisce about favorite foods and recipes. It stimulates the senses and builds social bonds with other residents and caregivers.

Educational Expressions

We used to believe that those with dementia could not learn and retain information, however, new research indicates that many actually can continue learning. Even those who are profoundly forgetful can still enjoy the experience of learning. Our team helps find appropriate opportunities for our residents to continue their educational journey.

The activity calendars are put together by an Expressions Director who guides the programming that keeps our residents’ days filled with fun and enriching experiences. Expressions Directors are well-versed in the needs and care of those living with cognitive decline, and tailor the programming accordingly.

If you’d like to connect with an Expression Director to learn more about how they approach memory care, find the community nearest you and get in touch – we’d be happy to host you and learn more about needs you may have for a loved one.