Benefits of Post-Acute Care


Post-acute care, also known as skilled nursing, is for those who require additional short-term care following a hospitalization for a serious surgery, illness, or injury. This type of care is intended to help patients recover and successfully transition from the hospital to their independent lives at home.

Although home health can be considered as an option for care after a hospitalization, it is important to understand the additional benefits a post-acute care setting can provide and why this level of care can prevent hospital readmissions by up to 27%.

While we understand that recovering from a life-changing event is not an easy journey, we know there are many great benefits to receiving rehabilitation care at a post-acute care center.

Reduces Risk of Rehospitalization

Post-acute care has been known to be one of the most effective ways to prevent rehospitalization. This is achieved through consistent, professional communication, personalized care plans, and enhanced education and well-being throughout a person’s recovery.

After a hospitalization, a patient may be experiencing muscle loss, cognitive challenges, and limited mobility which can all contribute to a loss of independence and increase the risk for rehospitalization. Post-acute rehabilitation provides targeted care and resources that are intended to fully support a patient’s entire recovery journey and help reduce their risk for future complications.

At Prestige Care, our skilled nursing teams work together with other members of a patient’s interdisciplinary team to ensure they are receiving the highest quality of care as possible in order to improve their independence and prevent readmission. They are committed to providing each patient with constant support, comprehensive care programs and evaluations, and ongoing communication between each other and their families.  

Personalized and Comprehensive Care Plans

Each person’s rehabilitation program at a skilled nursing center is personalized to their own medical needs and may require specialized care. Upon arriving at a Prestige Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, our healthcare teams discuss care options with each patient and conduct evaluations to develop an Individualized Care Plan tailored to their own rehabilitation needs. This ensures each person is receiving the appropriate level of care necessary to achieve their individual recovery goals.

Our comprehensive care plans provide each patient with a phased approach to recovery. This may include a variety of therapy programs to help improve strength and functional mobility, customized meal plans to reduce malnutrition or hypertension, and enhanced education to help maintain a healthy lifestyle post-discharge. We work with you, at your own pace, to help you fully recover and return home to your active lifestyle.

Access to 24/7 Care and Onsite Nurses

In addition to individualized care programs, post-acute care also provides patients with 24/7 nursing oversite designed to support ongoing medical needs. Although you or your loved one may consider at-home care after a hospitalization, it may not offer the around-the-clock support required for optimal recovery.

At Prestige, our 24-hour onsite nursing teams are able to address health changes and concerns immediately to ensure patients are constantly being attended to and are able to receive the care they need as quickly as possible.

Increase Independence and Quality of Life

Post-acute care is not only intended to help people recover from a serious health event, but also to aid their independence and quality of life prior to their return home. After a hospitalization, your loved one may find it challenging to complete tasks on their own and find their quality of life has decreased with their limited ability to do the things they love. Skilled nursing care provides your loved one with the rehabilitation and therapy programs they need to improve their mobility, achieve independence, and build their confidence in achieving daily tasks.

Our onsite nursing teams at Prestige are skilled and experienced in assisting patients with a wide range of diagnosis while offering ongoing, compassionate care. We also work with each patient prior to discharge to provide them with educational resources, discuss care options, and build a post-discharge plan with the tools necessary to continue living an active life.

A stay at a post-acute care center is meant to be a transitional period to help patients recover and regain their independence. At Prestige, each person’s recovery is measured throughout their entire stay to ensure they are receiving the level of care that is essential to achieving their goals and preventing future complications.

Whether you are recovering from a joint surgery, head injury, or other chronic health condition, our team of healthcare professionals will work with you from the moment you arrive at one of our post-acute care centers to the time you are discharged and able to return home.

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