A Day in the Life of Celebrations


You wake up in the morning, have breakfast and a cup of coffee, look ahead to your day and it’s laid out like this:

Mid-morning, you can choose between two fitness classes, one a brain-body class called Ageless Grace®, or the other a class that includes the use of balloons (yes, really). Afterwards, you gather with friends for a game of Jeopardy, trying to see who possesses the best grasp of trivia in your group.

After lunch, you can opt for either Scrabble Club with your friends and neighbors, or if you need some tranquility, head outside for a tai chi class.

Then as the afternoon turns into evening, it’s time to get together with your friends for some more fun, this time a rousing game of Cornhole as part of a week-long series of “Olympics”, with community bragging rights on the line.

The day ends with a hearty dinner, and time spent rehashing the day with your pals.

Or, consider this as an option:

Before breakfast you and your neighbors get together to enjoy a crisp morning walk in the fresh air. A bit later, a local agency comes by with friendly dogs you can spoil with love, attention and treats. From there, it’s games of Rummikub with your friends, following by fitness classes that strengthen both your body and mind.

After lunch, you can opt into a Bible study group, and then a bit later, enjoy a social hour with sweet treats and live piano music. Before dinner, it’s time for some friendly competition with Wii bowling, as everyone aims for a perfect game and fleeting fame.

The best part? Those meals we mentioned – the cooking and cleaning is all done for you.

That’s life with Prestige Senior Living through our Celebrations wellness program. Both of the day-in-the-life scenarios we mapped out are actual event calendars from Prestige locations this month.

But the calendars aren’t filled out randomly – there’s a strategy behind each’s day’s activities. Celebrations is focused on six pillars that all contribute to enriching the bodies, minds and spirits of our residents. Those six elements are Make New Friends, Live Better, Expand Your Mind, Enjoy Life, Make a Difference and Express Yourself.

The teams at our communities, including Life Enrichment Directors who oversee the day-to-day activity planning, and Wellness Coaches who oversee the fitness classes, work together to ensure that the event calendars provide opportunities for enriching activities that bring joy and fulfillment to our residents while making sure the activities fall under at least one of the six elements of Celebrations.

They provide opportunities for residents to pursue new interests and challenge themselves, while also incorporating old favorites they know and love.

It can be a balancing act, but our teams get to know our residents, their personalities and what may work and might not. The teams at each location also come up with their own calendars – we know that what might work at a location in Arizona may not be what works at a location in Oregon. Our teams at the community level know best and plan accordingly, being sure to follow the Celebrations guidelines as they create fun and original events.

To learn more, our communities have their activity calendars posted on their location pages. Find the community nearest you, click “Highlights” and then select the “Events Calendar” tab. You can also schedule a tour where you’ll learn more about the community’s programming, meet the team and see the residents taking part in that day’s events.

It’s never a dull day at Prestige – we’d love you to come by and take part!