5 Reasons Why Long-Term Care is the Perfect Job for New Grad Nurses

Smiling nurse helping woman with walker

There hasn’t been a better time to be a nurse than right now. Statistics show that by 2020, there will be over 1 million open jobs that need to be filled! What does this mean? Nurses are in VERY high demand! While there is immediate and ongoing need for nurses in all healthcare and clinical settings, there is a significant demand for those healthcare providers in the long term care (LTC) and senior living space. Statistics show that over 10,000 Baby Boomers A DAY are retiring in the United States and with that, comes a significant need to meet the health care demand of that segment of our population.

While most new grads don’t think about LTC/senior living as their first choice for their nursing career, there are certainly many advantages that nursing in that space can offer a new grad nurse as opposed to a hospital setting. Below are 5 solid and unique reasons why a nursing career in LTC/senior living is the perfect first step in the career of a new grad nurse.

The long term care and senior living industry as a whole is booming

Many companies are not only being founded during this time, but existing ones are expanding their operations to the tune of building state of the art care centers/communities, purchasing existing buildings and renovating/updating them, and more. Furthermore, many economists believe the future of American jobs is serving and taking care of our elderly population (The future of American jobs is taking care of the elderly). Want to get in and industry that will be taking off in the next 3 decades? Consider long term care/senior living.

You can achieve a leadership role earlier in your career

The reality is if you work in most other settings, you will have to work in a Staff Nurse role for many years prior to even being looked at for any sort of leadership role. In LTC/senior living, because of the need for nurses and a myriad of other reasons, you can serve in a leadership role earlier in your career compared to your peers. What does this mean? You are a better, more well-rounded nurse earlier on in your career. You are differentiating yourself from your peers, which opens up many, many higher level opportunities (and the ability to make more money) earlier in your career.

The majority of the time, you won’t have to work NOC shift

Since there is a sharp need for nurses in the LTC/senior living space on most all shifts, you won’t be forced into working overnight like you would in other clinical settings. What does this mean for you? Having a life outside of work. Better work/life balance. Spending time with your significant other and family who don’t share that overnight schedule. While there is a need for NOC shift nurses in the LTC space, it won’t always be required of you to start.

There is a gigantic need!

Simply put, there is a huge need for talented, high-impact C.N.As, LPNs, and RNs to serve in many different roles in the LTC/senior living space. With 10,000 Baby Boomers a day retiring in the United States, there needs to be clinicians to support these residents, clients, and patients. Want more upward mobility, you will get it in the LTC/senior living space. Furthermore, with the level of acuity in LTC care centers and assisted living communities going up and up, you will be getting the same nursing experience as you would in a hospital setting, and making just as much of an impact.

You are a part of a community of residents, patients, other nurses, and colleagues

In the LTC/senior living space, you are able to form long term relationships not only with your residents/patients, but also your fellow colleagues and co-workers. In other clinical settings, you will only serve your patient for 48-72 hours and you never hear from them again. In LTC/senior living, you are able to see the fruits of your labor and the majority of the time, are taking care of your patients/residents for months, sometimes years at a time. Want to see how your hard work and love impacts someone’s life in the long run? Be a nurse in LTC/senior living.

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